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online-privacyNow this is actually really interesting... even for those of you that think we rant too much about our 'tech-crap'. There is a privacy bill proposed in congress that may just change the Internet all together. As most may know, in the late 90's there was a boom of information technology push towards the 'Internet'... it went down the wrong road and failed. Example: Proposing on-line services to those that cannot actually 'use' the services fail... every time. How can you sell a product or service that's not usable or constructive for the client's ROI (Return-On-Investment). For the rest of us, the ones that just sat though the crash (not the one we're still in, IT actually didn't cause this one) and didn't really feel it, we got the benefits of extensive knowledge for years on end. I mean... really! Who needs a library now! For that, a school! Sorry but if you can learn... you can just teach yourself now.

Enough! Here it is... if they pass this... we loose Internet-based advertising! And that's what pays for all of this. PERIOD! (sorry, but there are no plans for a government bail-out for IT companies... YET!)

  • OK... so now I repel back into my protective sheath. [GROSS] I do 'NOT' want my SH$T out there either. As most of our educated readers (not to belittle the rest) might know... our government has subpoenaed Google for 'search-index' records (a tracking list of IP (Internet Protocol) activities from specific addresses (semi-unique identifiers of Internet connection humans)) that a registered user has made. Basically, revealing all of the search criteria that a registered has requested.
  • OK (#2), so I can go on about 'why' but really it is the 'why'... why is the Internet working now? Advertising! Yes, that's it! Same as it was back in the old days. Only now, everyone has a computer in their hand. (AKA. cell phone) That and they know how to use it!
  • OK (#3): If you have to ask complicated questions about complex technology problems and aren't prepared to listen to the complicated answers... don't bother asking. Seriously, search for trust.
  • OK (#4): If you don't know, ASK. If you don't understand, LEARN. And if you're not capable of that... look for a job as a Manager!

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