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A brief catalog of our capabilities.

Also known as: IT consulting, computer consulting, computer support, technology services or business and technology services

We focus on advising businesses on how best to use information technology (IT) to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, we can implement, deploy, and administer your business's IT systems; either locally or remotely within our co-location facility.

Also known as: Tech Support, technology support, IT support, computer support, network support, systems management and administration

Basically, the 'hands-on' support between the hardware and the software. To get the desktop to run the application, the network has to work, the server has to run, the phones must ring and the stuff can't get stolen!

Also known as: Web Site Hosting, Dedicated Bandwidth, Rack Server Hosting, Cloud Computing, co-location, collocation

Most are aware of the term "hosting" and relate it primarily to "the place where you park your web site". Yes, that is true. That is one service that can be hosted with a provider... but there are many more. Think Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps and even Quickbooks On-Line.

Also known as: Putting a 'lift-kit' and a super-charger on the FREE open-source software that we find floating around out there on the net!

In order to take full advantage of any software, there must be some personal customization. At the lowest level, there are the 'options' that are already built-in. All software has some capability of minor adjustment. With 'open-source' code, we can go far beyond that!