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yahoo-to-microsoftMicrosoft on the push again to be #1. Google has had the 'search engine' lead for some time. Back in the day, it was Yahoo... and before that, Exite, AltaVista, Lycos,, Infoseek and (oh yeah, remember this one...) MSN. That's right, the old Microsoft brand that caused us as much pain as passing a quarter-inch gallstone through your new laptop's non-existent modem jack via the pre-installed OS. Now that that's failed, they want a piece of the pie, man-handling their way though as usual. Interesting thing... Yahoo is now using Bing as their engine. Of course, this can only be found on their Privacy Policy page.

Looks like Yahoo has slid just far enough down to grab the MS rope for a bail out. [ Read more ]

Please! When is everyone going to realize we are just the pigs! Offer up a nice chunk of cheese and then charge extra for the dull knife that needs an upgrade... not to mention a new version of the cracker.

Oh yeah... I think AOL is still in there somewhere. I wouldn't know. I can read and don't need my email client telling me when I have new mail.

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