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Hosting and Colocation

Also known as: Web Site Hosting, Dedicated Bandwidth, Rack Server Hosting, Cloud Computing, co-location, collocation

Most are aware of the term "hosting" and relate it primarily to "the place where you park your web site". Yes, that is true. That is one service that can be hosted with a provider... but there are many more. Think Twitter, Facebook, Google Apps and even Quickbooks On-Line.

What about the MLS (multiple listing services) real-estate engines that feed all of the "for sale" houses in your city? Yep, hosted on a server is some ISP's NOC (network operations center) or COLO (colocation facility). The consolidation of data must be kept in a most secure and reliable location. And since you are "parking" the bulk of your data in one place, why not share some of the application process? How different are all of these "web-enabled" applications that we see?

As the world becomes even more "web enabled", more of the software we use will be "on-line" and leased instead of purchased and installed locally on a PC. The result of consolidating and sharing creates the SaaS (Software as a Service) commerce model.

Colocation defined: the act of placing multiple (sometimes related) entities within a single location. Colocation is often used in the data sourcing industry to mean off-site data storage, usually in a data center. This is very important for people since the loss of data can be crucial for businesses of any size. An unexpected loss in data can result from fires, earthquakes, floods, or any sort of natural disaster.

Reasons for Hosting with an ISP:
  • Dedicated Presence
    For a web site to be accessible from the 'net', it must be located on a 'static' Internet feed. Which your dynamically assigned home IP address does not provide.
  • Support
    The professionals have the knowledge and experience and are always available for hands-on management.
  • Bandwidth
    On-site premise Internet provisions do not provide enough bandwidth to the upload channel.
  • Carefree
    The pressure of your web site's up-time reliability does not need to keep you awake at night... let the techs worry about that. They love it anyways!
Reasons for Colocating your servers:
  • Start-Up Cost Reduction
  • Equipment
  • Reliability
  • Security