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Technology Consulting

Also known as: IT consulting, computer consulting, computer support, technology services or business and technology services

We focus on advising businesses on how best to use information technology (IT) to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, we can implement, deploy, and administer your business's IT systems; either locally or remotely within our co-location facility.

Our consulting process is approached by using these steps:
  • Establishing Credibility and Capability
    Each client expects us, the consultant, to come to them with the character for a successful relationship along with a foundation of knowledge to understand their unique environment. This includes understanding the market forces that affect that individual client's industry and company. We also work very hard to understand the motivations of the stakeholders... aka. the owner(s). Comprehending their primary motives is essential to any successful project implementation from an outside source.
  • Discovery and Research
    Using problem solving, questioning, and listening skills, we deepen our understanding of the client's objectives and processes. By using these same skills, we will also begin to understand the issues that might affect the accomplishment of these objectives.
  • Solution Design
    We methodically review all of the factors so that we can design a solution and determine the scope of each project. Both, the solution and the scope, are necessary for a successful implementation.
  • Risk Management
    Foresight is essential to a successful project outcome. As such, we need to identify the factors that threaten the success of our efforts and then incorporate preventative or corrective measures. Obviously, there will always be problems when changes are made.
  • Scoping and Pricing
    We then determine the most appropriate and advantageous way to match price and value for the proposed solution. Again, understanding the stakeholder's position and incentives will help us to establish the most suitable time and cost estimation.
  • Concept Presentation
    Our client's willingness to accept and support our proposed solution is essential at this point in the process. Often, this turns out to be our greatest hurdle of all. Putting "techno-jargon" into layman's terms is not our specialty! Integration of such is... that's why they called us in the first place.
  • Proposals and Contracting
    We can now craft an agreement that lists the requirements for a mutually successful working relationship.

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